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Basket for soy beans
Price: $100.00
Manufacturer: Salton

Soybean is a very healthy legume which contains a high amount of protein. It is cholesterol-free and is reported to contain five known classes of anti-cancer agents (including a natural phytoestrogen called Isoflavones which is unique to soy). Soy milk is a rich, naturally sweet milk which is high in protein, vitamin B and iron. Since it is lactose-free, it is also a good milk alternative for the lactose intolerant and older children or adults who are allergic to cow milk. Soy milk is created by cooking and grinding soaked soybeans, then pressing the bean to extract its natural milk by-product. With this Soy Milk Maker, the soy milk is pasteurized to eliminate harmful microorganisms which can cause disease or undesired fermentation. Soy milk contains a unique nutty flavor which gives it an appealing taste. You can also add sweeteners, fruits, or other spices or extracts to create a variety of delicious hot or cold drinks.

  • New model featured larger filter basket and removable mesh filters
  • Delivers fresh soy milk for your whole family in just 25 minutes!
  • U. S. manufacturer one-year warranty with toll-free customer support phone line
  • Makes 5 to 6 cups of fresh soy milk per batch
  • Easy to operate--grinds, filters, and brews in one touch operation
  • Includes healthy and delicious soy food recipes
  • Prepares ground soybean paste for use in many recipes
  • LED On/Off indicator light and ready beeper
  • Stainless steel pitcher is dishwasher safe
  • Making fat free, additive free soy milk for just pennies per serving
  • Microchip controlled; 120V

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