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Manufacturer: Green Foods

Size: 5.5 oz. & 11 oz.

Organically grown and hand-picked in its native Japan.  By using the entirety of each leaf, Matcha Green Tea contains 10 to 15 times the overall nutrients and 100 times more antioxidants compared to traditional teas.

High concentrations of the amino acid, L-theanine help to improve cognition and mood while reducing physical and mental stress.  Powerful and renowned catechin EGCG and chlorophyll help to alkalize and detoxify the blood.  Potent antioxidants help to strengthen the immune system by protecting against free radicals.

USDA Organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy, wheat, and yeast free

Suggested Use:
Mix 5g (approx. 2 teaspoons) into 6 to 8 oz. of cold or hot water to enjoy a delicious and nutritious beverage.

Supplement Facts: serving size 5g
Calories 20, calories from fat 5; Total fat <1g, saturated fat <1g, trans fat 0g; Cholesterol 0mg; Sodium 2mg; Carbohydrate 4g; Sugar <2g; Dietary fiber <1g; Protein <1g; Vitamin C 3mg; Vitamin A 215mcg; Tannin 137mg; ORAC score 1774 units; Theine 25mg; Total Catechins 179mg, Epigallocatechin gallate 83mg; Epigallocatechin 62mg, Epicatechin gallate 16mg, Epicatechin 12mg; Total amino acids 16mg; Organic Matcha Green Tea 1000mg

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