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Manufacturer: Metro Chem (formerly Dews)

S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAM-e) has recently been jamming the news, magazines, medical journals, books and Internet. This is due to the significant amount of scientific evidence supporting its use. SAM-e is a natural compound found in every living cell. It plays an important role in several biological reactions within the human body. The major results of these reactions are: 1) To manufacture joint cartilage and 2) To help maintain normal neural cell membrane function.

Since its discovery in 1952, SAM-e has been the focus of several clinical studies. SAM-e has been clinically found to support and encourage: 1) Emotional Well-Being; 2) Normal Joint Health and Mobility. Since SAM-e is the pre-cursor to many other reactions within body, it continues to be studied. New studies suggest that SAM-e also supports and maintain normal liver health. The benefits of SAM-e continue to surface. New clinical data on SAM-e can be found in various articles being published in medical journals. Clinical studies also show that SAM-e is especially safe to take orally as compared to other compounds and sometimes even exhibited lower side effects than placebo.

Suggested Intake: One caplet twice a day as a dietary supplement.

One Caplet provides: Vitamin B6 10 mg; Folate 100 mcg; Vitamin B12 7 mcg; Purine Alkaloids Complex (Adenosine and Xanthosine compounds) 128 mg; Methionine 72 mg; Curcumin Extract 25 mg

·        Helps the body maintain a normal homocystine/homocysteine level

·        Product information provided by Dews Twenty First Century Products. Dews Research (now Metro Chem) has changed the product name to "Me-COFACTORS" to better reflect the ingredients of this product, which are the cofactors or building blocks of SAM-e. It's the exact same product as before.

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