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Manufacturer: Genceutic Naturals

Size: 60 Vegetarian Capsules

- Advanced Bio-Identical Active Form of Lipoic Acid
- Guaranteed 300mg of Stabilized Na-RALA®
- Free of Synthetic S-Lipoic Acid Found in Regular Alpha Lipoic Acid
- Contains Next Generation Na-R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid Shown To Absorb 21 Times Better and 12 Times Faster Than - Regular R-Lipoic Acid
- Dual Action Water and Fat Soluble Antioxidant Activity

What is R-Lipid Acid?

Lipoic acid is one of the most thoroughly researched and highly regarded antioxidants. It is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, and in the mitochondrial citric acid cycle which produces ATP, the energy currency of the body. Lipoic Acid is both water and fat soluble and can regenerate endogenous antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and glutathione, and prevent oxidative damage. In fact, it can scavenge free radicals both intra- and extra-cellularly.

R-Lipid Acid Benefits

- Supports energy production
- Antioxidant protection against free radicals and oxidative damage
- Support insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal
- Promotes healthy blood flow and healthy nerve function

In addition to its benefits as an energy promoter and antioxidant, lipoic acid has a variety of other benefits. For example, it has been found to promote healthy insulin sensitivity and healthy glucose disposal. This was seen in human clinical research in which 600 to 1800 mg daily of lipoic acid was given orally after four weeks of use. Likewise,600 to 1200 mg of lipoic acid daily was shown to help promote healthy nerve function within 3 to 5 weeks. In addition, oral supplementation with 300 mg of lipoic acid daily for 4 weeks supported healthy blood flow, compared to placebo.

Bio-Enhanced® is a registered trademark of Geronova Research, Inc

Suggested Use: for adults, take 1 capsule once or twice daily with food

Supplement Facts: serving size 1 capsule
Amount per serving- Bio-enhanced stabalized NA-RALA (as sodium R-lipoate providing 210 mg of R-Lipoic Acid) 300 mg; Sodium 35 mg

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