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BHB PLUS 120 Caps
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Weight: 4 oz

B-hydroxybutyric acid with potassium and TAT Metabolite(TM) Lipotrophic Nutrient. One of the key ingredient is the protein tyramine, which is an excellent food for maintaining the normal structure and function of the adrenals and thyroid. The adrenals and thyroid help to regulate and maintain the body's energy supply and its ability to control weight.

Serving Suggestion: Two to four capsules, 1-3 times a day as a dietary supplement

One capsule provides:
alpha-amino beta-hydroxybutyric acid 250 mg
Potassium-elemental (as chloride) 50 mg
T.A.T Metabolite(Tyrosine-Adrenal-Thyroid Metabolite) 50 mg

Product information provided by Metro Chem (formerly Dews Twenty First Century Products).

This information has not been submitted to the US FDA for approval. It is not intended to cure, mitigate or diagnose disease.